Designing Team

We have a professional designer team putting together all their glove making skill and futuristic tools to design gloves based on the requirements of our customers and keeping in mind to meet the standards of the industry.

Development / Sampling

We have a team of professional people putting their skills into designing, and development of all types of gloves we produce. Our R&D department can turn-around any glove’s counter sample or design into a prototype as per your requirement within *72 hrs.

Material Inspection

Our team of skilled people who are capable of grading leathers, inspecting roll goods, components and trims to ensure everything comes in our material inventory is consumable as per our standards and specifications, which helps us achieve our goals


Our cutting lines includes 28 clickers press, and 1 travel-head cutting press, our team of press operators are skilled to cut the leather where it needs the part to be, and all other materials are handled with care.

Embroidery / Screen Printing

With the capacity of 12,000 pairs of printing per 8 hrs and large scale embroidery machines, our factory is capable of turning any embellishment on our gloves to make it look great with sharp finishes.


The craft of glove making has been handed down through multiple generations of Garmor Glove management and craftsmen. That know-how is combined with 24/7 management, to get you big results. We employ the most skilled craftsmen, for workmanship that is second to none.

Every pair of gloves we make is backed by 40+ years of Garmor glove manufacturing experience. There’s no glove problem we haven’t seen, or solved.

Quality Check

We have a more precise quality processes involved during stitching and upon completion, that results in better fitting GLOVES. We have a skilled team of QC people who are deployed on production lines and final QC.

Tagging / Packing

This is where we match and pack all the gloves, our packing department has a force of skilled people with capacity to observe all the small details required by our valued customers and to complete the assigned tasks to make Garmor a reliable supply-chain partner with world’s some of the biggest brands and retailers.